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Since 1992 is a key focus for sales and service of woodworking technology and furniture from the world's top manufacturers. Technology of our suppliers are also designed for working aluminum and plastics.

  • Predaj a servis drevoobrábacích nábytkárskych strojov a nástrojov
    We are an authorized partner Weinig Group, IMA, HOLZ-HER, MARTIN a ROBLAND.
  • Predaj náhradných dielov
    Pre drevoobrábacie a nábytkárske stroje a ich príslušenstvo.
  • Príprava technického zadania
    Pre zariadenie alebo linku, economic analysis of production processes.
  • Demonstration and Training Technology Centre in Zilina
    Montáž, service and training for technology supplied by us.
  • Vypracovanie ponuky
    Na základe technického zadania.

We provide innovative and efficient solutions for the woodworking and furniture companies. Helping to introduce automation and mechanization of production processes to.

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Ratings / statements

  • My expectations from the workshop were, that I learn new things about woodworking machines and goods, or blanks, which can produce. My expectations were met 100% and great was the inspection of these machines in practice.

    Marián Podhorský
    Marian Podhorský

    Unistav Teplička nad Váhom

  • My goal was in knowing about the latest methods of production of glued elements and especially, what new offers WEINIG. I think, it was informative and we learned a lot of interesting information.

    Štefan Huszár
    Štefan Huszar

    Rettenmeier Tatra Timber

  • I decided on the basis of the main criteria: All machines one brand, unified management software through Control Cabinet.

    Peter Tomko
    Peter Tomko

    Furniture and joinery

  • With the purchase of technology, I was happy, everything was fine, smoothly.

    Miroslav Šimko
    Miroslav Simko

    Stolarstvo MIRIK

  • With the progress of the negotiations before buying technology, I was very satisfied. Decision criterion was the presentation of the manufacturer.

    Ing. Podstavek
    Ing. Pedestal


  • When buying decided to make. By accessing the company I am very satisfied.

    Ján Huliman
    John Huliman

    Huliman Radošovce

  • Excellent cooperation during the negotiations. Quality of products, References. Satisfaction with community relations.

    M. Zečevič
    M. Zečevič

    Microtri, Bratislava

  • Knowledge gained at today's seminar is immediately transmitted to the experience and know, that will help me immediately.

    D. Majer
    D. Majer

    Makrowin, Detva

  • Satisfaction with the course of negotiations, technology seamlessly.

    J. Nemčík
    J. Nemčík

    Drevop, Long Cirochou

  • Negotiations are ongoing and substantive professional. We decided on the basis of required parameters, existing portfolio, Prices, referencií a servisu. Reakcie pracovníkov firmy rýchle a profesionálne.

    M. Kormaník
    M. Kormaník

    Swedwood, Severe Poruba


Deň nábytkárskych technológií Day 19. June 2018 from 9:00 do 16:00 hour in Bratislava. Viac INFO
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